Learn, Grow, and Thrive with Professional Training

Self Storage should be easy for everyone, including store personnel. Our training programs provide leasing agents, store managers, and business owners with tailored guidelines of good professional conduct.


Schedule personalized training sessions for you and your team, led by self storage professionals who bring relevant working experience in their fields of expertise. Choose one or several topics of discussion for your conference. Collaborate with an advisor to explore your company culture. Develop standards of service, operational procedures, and systemic policies to uphold the expectations for your business. 

Self Storage Science provides a lesson plan for students to reference throughout the session. The syllabus will serve as a study guide and resource to use in real life situations at work.


Sign your team up for a crash course in self storage operations. Gain the confidence and skills needed to lease units, perform facility maintenance, and resolve unexpected situations with customers, emergency personnel, and even disastrous situations. Learn how to develop a facility maintenance schedule. Go over legal issues commonly associated with self storage. Create a late fee schedule, and become familiar with resolving customer disputes.

Self Storage Science provides access to the online training program as a resource to better serve clients at all self storage locations we oversee. We continually add new videos to keep our content up to date with the latest developments in Self Storage.

Get S3 Approved!
Sign up for Intensive Training

The Self Storage Science team has brought all of its knowledge and experience together to offer its clients a comprehensive, self storage training program. S3 Intensive Training includes staff, management, and operations training if applicable. All staff, managment, and business owners are encouraged to participate in the program and required to pass written and executatory exams before issuance of the certificate of completion. The size of the facility and number of staff will determine the cost and length of the program.

The Self Storage Science Approval Process is unique to each facility, determined by the needs of your business. The basic outline is as follows:

  • Facility Inspection

  • Facility Upgrades (if applicable)

  • Employee Training

  • Management Training

  • Owner Training

  • Team Discussion

  • Team Exam

In addition to receiving a certificate of approval to display within your store, your business will receive a digitized seal for use on your website and social media pages. By completing intensive staff training and facility inspection program, you are also providing credibility to your customers, vendors, and new hires. When your facility successfully completes the intensive training and inspection, you will receive a certificate of completion to display at your storage facility and a digitized seal for use on your company website and social media pages. Each certificate is valid for two years from the issue date.

How it Works

To become certified, your facility will undergo a number of scrutinous inspections and complete recommended upgrades to meet industry standards of proper safety and maintenance. Staff, management, and ownership will participate individually in training before coming together to discuss what they learned before taking  the exam. Time will also be reserved for staff to discuss what they have learned, what they would like to change about their workplace, and what they enjoy about being in self storage.

Each Self Storage Science Approval Certificate comes with the following items, valid for two years:

  • Self Storage Science Certificate of Completion

  • Digitized Self Storage Science Certificate Seal

  • Individual Training Certificates for Participants

  • Access to Online Training Program

As an incentive for active participation from attendees, each person who completes the training will receive individual skills training e.g., communications, business information computer systems, sales, accounting to utilize on a resume. Each course is subject to the context of Self Storage, but the concepts we teach can be applied to advancing any career path.