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From the Self Storage Science founding members:

As career self storage experts and partners, we contribute irrevocable value to the progress of our clients when we collaborate at the company table. The skills we possess in our corresponding fields of specialization have been vital resources for every Self Storage professional we have worked with to date. These unique skills comprise the services we offer at Self Storage Science, LLC. Don’t let our confidence fool you, though. Believe it or not, all three of us started from the most humble of beginnings. Our Self Storage journeys began in onsite management at our flagship location, A-1 Self Storage and Pack Mail. Get to know us by reading a few brief stories about our founding partners.


The Self Storage Science Executive Team

Owner, Denise Bowley

I was introduced to self storage in 1993. My job description was rent units, sweep them out and deposit the rent payments into the correct bank account. Pretty easy right?!? I have no doubt if that is all I did I would not have kept that position for 20 years. Several years after I became the manager of the property I was invited to "invest".  Three of the four owners sold me a small percentage of their interest and the managing member took me to the bank and instructed the banker to loan me the money to buy in. To my surprise I had the money in hand to purchase their interest that afternoon! In 2020, I was able to purchase the majority interest of the asset and am the managing member.

I also own and operate of Self Storage Science, LLC. We specialize in third party property management, auditing and manager training. We try to learn something new about self storage everyday. Whether it be new marketing ideas or ways to improve our operations. We manage a dozen properties in Texas, Colorado and Wyoming - and have amazing self storage staff members. We focus on maximizing revenue and and controlling expenses for the benefit of the owners we serve. Our managers are trained to provide professional service to our self storage customers. We live by, "Moving is Stressful, Self Storage Shouldn't Be!"

Self Storage Science offers consulting to anyone wanting to develop a new self storage property or improve their current operations.

And just for fun...I own a packing and shipping store. I am proud of my staff there! In 2019 they were awarded the prestigious award of Top 100 Shippers from UPS!

Phone: 936.635.7030
Email: denise@selfstoragescience.com

Director of Operations, Jason Lee

Jason Lee has built his career around self storage. His inspirational journey began nearly a decade ago, when he started work as a leasing agent for a well known storage facility in East Texas. Jason’s potential was evident from the very beginning. He went above and beyond the responsibilities of his pay rate, demonstrating his intentions to far exceed his current role. His unwavering dedication proved dependable, and Jason earned multiple promotions. He enjoys working with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their budget, labor, and time. Jason’s exceptional management and communication skills made him an obvious choice for Director of Operations. He has held a number of supervisory roles in upper management, and he is well equipped for any challenge he may face. Jason’s clever discernment is a powerful resource for clients who need pragmatic solutions to baffling problems. As Director of Operations, he oversees all business at Self Storage Science as it relates to the facility operations of our clientele. Jason is a humanistic leader who encourages each client to thrive.


Phone: 936.707.2510
Email: jason@selfstoragescience.com

Director of Policies and Procedures, Allicyn Bowley

Allicyn Bowley started her self storage career in Texas as an ambitious, part time leasing agent. She led extra curricular and UIL groups at her high school while, simultaneously, attending college courses. During her final year of grade school, she successfully obtained her Associate’s of Arts in Liberal Arts from Angelina College. Her innate drive led to swift promotions from store management to area supervisor. Relocation to Colorado resulted in new work opportunities, including a position as central office manager for an innovative storage startup. After two years of professional commitment, she decided to continue her studies at Colorado State University Global, to gain expertise in business management and a specialization in marketing. Her extensive and diverse background proves her ability to solve any challenges that she is facing. Allicyn possesses a high level of knowledge regarding self storage regulations and systems, making her the ideal choice for the Self Storage Science Director of Policies and Procedures. Her work has been instrumental in developing S3 literature, including our highly rated training programs. She is responsible for creating, updating, and implementing the standards of practice at Self Storage Science, LLC. 


Phone: 720.707.9277
Email: allicyn@selfstoragescience.com

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