Facility Audits

Pinpoint Strategies for Success with Storage Facility Audits

Self Storage Science has developed a go to formula for operating successful storage locations. We know the industry well. That’s why we call it science. A key component to this prosperity is to perform regular facility audits. Facility owners are obligated to ensure the policies and procedures are being carried out by facility staff.

Performing monthly, quarterly, or biannual audits can help identify areas of concern in your company. Self Storage Science provides third party auditing to eliminate conflict of interest, prejudicial screening, and incomplete analysis.

We know each facility is different, so we work with the owner to develop an audit sheet before arrival at your location.

Examples of items we can inspect:

  • Concrete

  • Staff Demeanor

  • Technology

  • Office

  • Restrooms

  • Rental Procedure

  • Staff Knowledge

  • Pricing

  • Customer Service

  • Unit Counts

  • Grounds Maintenance

Facilities managed by Self Storage Science benefit from regular auditing to protect the investments of each client. The audits take several hours. We look for maintenance and safety issues, count cash on hand, review refund and credits issue reports, and check leases, in addition to many more vital areas of self storage operations.

Gain Insight

Self Storage owners who lack a property management company will benefit greatly from quarterly audits. It is crucial to identify methods to improve a business when placed at a disadvantage due to a lack of resources when compared to competing locations.

Empower Your Business

Often times we see managers “controlling” owners because they are simply more knowledgeable about self storage operations. Owners do not want to upset the manager, in fear of the manager resigning. Ironically, the company, itself, suffers. Audit services teach the investor how to get the results they want from their team by asking the appropriate set of questions.

Get Results

A problem within a Self Storage operation is like a sore tooth. If you ignore the pain, you’ll likely lose the privilege of dealing with the issue altogether. You own your business, and you have the right to know exactly what is going on at your store.

Self Storage Science offers full audit services throughout the United States.

We will provide a detailed report of our findings and offer solutions to remedy operational procedures that are anything but best of practice.

Auditing Services at Self Storage Science are available for scheduling at your convenience. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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